F i o n a  R o b e r t s

2016 – 2017         Master of Teaching – Visual Art and TESOL
2007 – 2011         Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours), Adelaide Central School of Art.

Solo Exhibitions
2018       Façade, Adelaide Central Gallery
2015       Intimate Vestiges, Format Collective, Adelaide (Sept 10 – Oct 1).
2015       Intimate Vestiges, KickArts Contemporary Arts, Cairns, Australia (May 8 – Jun 13).

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017      Morbid Curiosities, Peanut Gallery, Adelaide.
2016      Little Boxes, Adelaide Town Hall
2015      TAKE!EAT! Marylebone Rd, London.
2015      Three Views, Framed Gallery, Darwin.
2014      Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, South Australian Museum.
2014      Gematria, Adelaide Central Gallery.
2014      A Book Between Two Stools, Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain, Brussels (Mar 1 – Sept 7)
2013      I Wish You Were Here, Adelaide Central School of Art.
2012      The Beginning of The End, Format Gallery, Adelaide.
2012      Tough Love, Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF), Adelaide.
2012      The Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition Drill Hall, Parade Grounds, Adelaide.
2011      Emergence Adelaide Central Gallery.

2013      Australian Council New Work Early Career Grant
2012      Peoples’ Choice Award The Helpmann Academy Graduation Exhibition
2012      The Hill Smith Gallery/ Helpmann Academy Friends Travel Award
2009      Scholarship Adelaide Central School of Art
2004      Peoples Choice Award, Exit Art, Northern Territorian Museum and Art Gallery

Selected reviews/features/media/publications
2018       Neylon J, Curiouser and curiouser, The Adelaide Review #455
2017       Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture Magazine, France
2016      We The People, Satellite Journal, New York
2016      Dark Inspirations II, Victionary, Hong Kong (foreword p.6-7; artwork p.196-201)
2016      Textiel Plus, Netherlands
2015      Waters S, ‘Fiona Roberts – check out’, BL!SS magazine, California
2013      Lyall S, The Beginning Of The End: Claire Marsh and Fiona Roberts, Artlink, Vol.33, No.1 (p.88)
2012      Sex + Design, RED, Volume 2, San Francisco
2012      Panorama Architectural Newspaper, ‘Eyeball Chair’, (p.3)
2012      ‘Scopophilia’, The Big Issue Taiwan, October. (p.68)
2012       EziBang, (Chinese E-journal) September.
2012      Sanders C, ‘The eyes have it’, The Adelaide Review #385 (Mar)
2012      Nunn L, ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the upholsterer’,  Adelaide Advertiser (Mar)
2011      Emergence, 2011 Bachelor of Visual Art Graduate Exhibition catalogue
              Adelaide Central School of Art

2 Comments on “CV

  1. I came across your artwork today and it blew me away. I find it very original and right in my comfort zone for content. Beautiful stuff. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Love your work, don’t mind to stay in a room like this for a night *;) I tried to search for you in fb, but to no avail. Please let me know once you have set up your profile, would like to follow your work closely!!

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