Lucky Dip for a Finger Tip

Lucky Dip for a Finger Tip

This event on Instagram was in response to Covid-19 and the ongoing restrictions on social interaction. Offering hand painted ceramic fingers in a lucky dip allowed a safe way to ‘touch’ and to ‘stay in touch’ without breaching social distancing and social isolation orders. The limited edition hand made and painted ceramic fingers were sent nationally and internationally.

New Publication – Dark and Fetish Art


My work features on pages 350 -357.


PIE International


Pages:352 pages(Full Color)



Release Date : Mar/2018

Language : J/E bilingual

Price : ¥4,200

Upcoming Exhibition!


12 February – 9 March
Adelaide Central Gallery

Façade is an installation by Fiona Roberts (Graduate, Bachelor of Visual Art with Honours, 2011) that focuses on the conflict between perceptions and reality, particularly in terms of the mind, body and home. Perceptions of self are contrasted with physical façade. This contrast is extended to include the home, its perceived sense of safety and ability to conceal dangers.

There is an emphasis on the unintended and adverse effects that often result from our historic and contemporary obsession with embellishing, modifying and concealing reality. Exaggerated perceptions become physical manifestations set to provoke and haunt the senses and the mind. Various mediums are used, including ceramics, hair, digital imaging, and household objects.

Opening event

Opening speaker: Julia Robinson, artist and lecturer at Adelaide Central School of Art

Tuesday 13 February 2018, 6 – 8pm
Wine and beer available for purchase, all welcome

Gallery Opening Hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am – 5pm,
Wed 9am – 6.45pm

Sat 17 February 1pm – 4pm

Façade is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, presented by Adelaide Central School of Art for Adelaide Fringe 2018

‘We The People’ – Satellite Journal – New York

img_4838-1(My work is featured on pages 420 to 427)

With contributors from all over the globe: Aaricia Varanda, Aimee Lin, Amanda Lim, Amarpaul Kalirai, Ane Yarza & Jose A. Lopez, Angelika Wierzbicka, Arnaldo, Anaya-Lucca, Arvida Bystrom, Benedetta Ristori, Benjamin Fredrickson, Brad Phillips, Caleb Pope, Chris Clamer, Cian Oba-Smith, Danna Grace (Dan G.) Windsor, David Ingraham, Easton Schirra, Eli Craven, Emanuele Ferrari, Emmie America, Emon Toufanian, Erik Johansson, Fabien Merelle, Fablo Freda, Fiona Roberts, Georgia Mitropoulos, Gerardo Vizmanos, Gilad Sasporta, Good John, Hadar Pitchon, Imke Panhuijzen, Joe Horton, Julia Comita, Julien Bernard, Justice Apple, Justin Baldwin, Justin Rhody, Kate Cuthbert, Kipling Phillips, Kristy Benjamin, Lauren Withrow, Liselotte Schuppers, Lobke Leijser, Marcus Cooper, Maria Pasenau, Martyna Galla, Michaela Zetterstrom, Michelle Vela, Miles Morgan, Mille Fromyhr, Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib, Nevan Doyle, Nicolas Guerin, Nina Holma, Pamen Pereira, Peggy Kuiper, Ray Tanaka, Robert Harper, Saty & Pratha, Scarlett Casciello, Scott Rinck, Sergey Melnitchenko, Stefan Dotter, Steve Cutts, Synchrodogs, Tim Zaragoza, Tre & Elerez, Vivienne Moon

Dark Inspirations II

I’m super excited to have written the foreword for this book and I have some images of my work in there too! Go check out Victionary which is an art/design publishing company based in Hong Kong.

My work in BL!SSS magazine

click on the reviews/features tab above to see more ^
(My work is on pg. 34 – the cover is not my work!)


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